To establish a company, you need to have license to start the business. In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, there are zoning laws.

Land is zoning under many categories and to get business license, you need to have company address which should be in exact zone such as in perkantoran, perdagangan, dan jasa zone. You may do the business at your place (example: house) but the licensing needs address on the exact zone.

That is why you need to lease Service Office or Virtual Office because we provide things that business licensing needs.

Service office is a fully furnished office room managed by a property provider that later be rent by an officer or companies. By leasing a service office you may work there and use the office facilities provided by the property provider.

Virtual office is a modern office that operate “virtually”. By leasing a virtual office you may get some services that a company needs. You may run the business everywhere without having a traditional office.

You may choose Service Office if you do not have a place to run your business. With lease a service office you will get a room office and more facilities that will make it easier to run the business.

Also it may be more effective because it will decrease your company outcome to hire some staffs (such as receptionist, office boy, et cetera).

But if you do have a place to run the business and only need business address and phone number for company license then Virtual Office is the right option.

SVO Suite provides you some facilities with competitive price. With become our client you may get exclusive services to help you run the business. We provide you some free services, such as dedicate phone number, 24 hours access on workdays, district domicile registration service, tax consultation for 1 hour, several hours for using meeting room, et cetera.

You should have no worries about hidden or additional charge because we have already informed you all of our charge . Also we can become you one stop solution because you only need to inform us what you need for your company then we will help you as we could.

It will be the easiest leasing process, you may visit SVO Suite then decide what package do you want to choose, after the payment done, we will give you the leasing agreement to be signed and your business account will be active on our system, then you may run the business easily by enjoying SVO Suite facilities.

Of course you are, first of all you should inform our receptionist if you want to work at the weekend so we will open the office door access. For weekend, it will be mentioned as overtime and there will be an amount that should be paid after

Yes, you are able to re-layout your Suite and it may be negotiated.

We provide a glass signage on SVO Suite lobby and door signage on each office room. For the door signage it will be free, you just need to give us your logo design and we will make your door signage.

For putting your company name up on SVO Suite glass signage, there will be an amount that should be paid, but also you just need to give us the logo design and we will do the rest.