Best Internal System

Our services are supported by custom internal system that are really match with this kind of business. With our provided system, you will get so much easier to run your business.

Free Odd-Even Traffic Policy Area

Prof. Dr. Satrio Area is not effected by Odd-Even Traffic Policy. So, you should not be bothered to think which way you should choose to reach your office.

24/7 Office Access

SVO Suite can be accessed using fingerprint or ID Card, so client can access the office for 24 hours per 7 days. Our electricity and air-con are not central-controlled, it makes our clients get 24 / 7 electricity and air con utilizing access.

High Quality Copy Machine

We provide you a Canon Image Runner 3020 machine, that can give you the best print, copy, and scan result. Also it can only accessed by dedicate access card that we provide to each client, so your confidential documents will be well-secured.

No Hidden Charges

At first, we will be open to clients about every single prices that will be charged if client use some additional facilities, so it won’t be hidden charges behind.

100% PKP Registration Accepted

With become SVO Suite Client, we guarantee you that your company PKP Registration will be definitely accepted. No more worried!

Comfortable Office Room

SVO Suite team has thought about your comfort at work, it drive us to provide you a proportional size for the private office so you may be more comfortable to do your jobs. No more jostle when working.

Integrated Business Solution

We can provide you any things you need to run your business because we have several colleagues who are expert in their field such as tax, accounting, company establishment. So, any things you need we can handle it.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Nowadays, most of business are based on system. So does SVO Suite. We serve client with the best server which need electricity to run and to guarantee that our service will never be down at every situation, we use UPS. So if a power failure occurs without prior notice, our service will continue to run well.